A Few Words of Encouragement


I have a really big day coming up in my life… you know, the kind that could change everything or nothing at all…. That kind that puts butterflies in your stomach and a rock on your chest.

So, whatever you have going on this week, I’ve decided we all need some encouragement.

So, this is for you… and for me… today… and everyday after.  Let’s make it happen.

Think about your goal.

You want it so bad it hurts.

Take that step of faith.

You welcome the fear and discomfort.  It means you are right on track.

Imagine yourself in that space.

Nothing can stop you.

Every moment is your responsibility.

You have the capability.  

You have the commitment.  

Be courageous.

Be confident.

You are beautiful.

You are kind.

You are smart.

This is your next step on your journey.

It is important to you. You will make it happen.

It is meant to be.

Today is the day. It is the only day that matters.

Remember, no matter the outcome… everything is happening just as it should.

Let the butterflies free.  Take the rock off and add it to your collection. 

Show them who you are and what you came to do.

Believe. In. You.