Ask Better Questions


Here is the thing to know about your brain. 🧠

If you ask it a question, it will go to work finding the answer. 

Then, it will look for evidence that its solution is correct. 

So, if you are asking the wrong questions, your brain is hard at work helping you feel bad about yourself or digging yourself deeper in a whole.

If you say, “Why can’t I ever do anything right?”

Guess what?! Your brain will find ALL the reasons why. 

Instead ask, “How can I do this better?”

Now, your brain is actively seeking solutions rather than finding more problems.

Instead of…. Why does no one like me?

Try…. Why do people like me?

Instead of…. Why am I so bad at math?

Try…. How can I get better at math?

The first question is focusing on the problem.

The second question is focusing on the solution.

If you want more problems, ask your brain to find more of what is wrong.

If you want more solutions, ask your brain to find more of what is possible.

Focus on the SOLUTION.

Have a great week! 🌟