Be Kind

Confidence Weight Loss

Would you ever say… 

You are  fat. … to your sister?

You are  lazy. … to your mother?

You are a failure. … to your daughter?

You are gross. … to your spouse?

You are stupid. … to your boss?

You are terrible at this. … to your son?

I hate you. … to your best friend?

Then, stop saying these things to yourself.

You can’t beat yourself into accomplishing your goals.

You have to love yourself into accomplishing your goals.

Stop degrading yourself.

Stop disrespecting yourself.

You matter.

You can be whatever you want to be.

But, you have to talk to yourself like you are worthy of your respect.

You light up others with your smile and presence alone.

Give yourself what you give them.


Much love to you.

Think about:

Where do you have work to do?

Who hopes you will get to work soon?