Be Proud


I want to be proud of myself. 

How do I do that?

All I have to do is follow through on the commitments I make to myself. 

I plan the decisions ahead of time with my prefrontal cortex (that “adulting” part of my brain). 

But, in the moment, I conveniently forget. 

I allow my toddler brain to take over. 

My toddler would much rather have instant gratification than meet my long term goals.

In the moment, there is no rational thinking once I let my toddler brain run the show.

And, I’ve been letting that happen for so long, the neural pathways have been formed well from much repetition.

Make a plan.  In the moment, break the plan.  Feel good in the moment. Beat myself up over breaking the plan later.  Repeat.

I am tired of being disappointed in myself and being a victim to my own thoughts.

Do you know who can change the cycle?

Yep, me.  Just me.

 My reason to change has to be bigger and stronger than the desire of the moment.

It takes practice – lots of it.

It takes going through being uncomfortable and doing things I don’t want to do.

Then, I need to acknowledge , recognize, and celebrate every time I am successful in meeting my commitment.  

I have to love myself all the way to my goal instead of tearing myself down when I stumble.  

After all, we all make mistakes.

Decide ahead of time. Practice. Focus on success. Be proud. Repeat.

Keep doing this until it is all that I do.

I will be proud of me.