Because, I’m Happy…

Weight Loss

OK. So, now you probably have that song stuck in your head, too.  

Sorry… not really.

I was browsing through old photos today, and I started to notice a pattern…

Besides my ever changing hairstyles…

Besides my ever fluctuating weight…

Sometimes, the smile on my face was genuine.  Sometimes, the smile was just for the camera (if there was even a smile at all). Sometimes, I was really happy.  Sometimes, I really wasn’t.

For so many years, I allowed outside circumstances to control my happiness.  

It didn’t matter if I was overweight or at idea weight.  

It didn’t matter if my hair was long or short: brown, red, or blond.

It didn’t matter if I was on vacation, visiting friends and family, or hanging out at home.

The happiness I found never lasted, because I was expecting others to make me happy… and that is NOT their job.

Happiness is my job.  I have learned that fact.  I am the only person that can truly make me happy.  If I’m not, I can’t blame anyone but myself…. and I always have the choice to change how I feel.  

These days, I choose happy.  Every. Single. Day.

Are you happy?