Dealing with Tough Emotions

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In case you didn’t know, life is 50/50 – 50% positive and 50% negative.  We aren’t supposed to be happy all the time. Sorrow is what makes joy possible.

The downsides are sometimes rough.  We often feel like we are the only ones that feel this way.  But, every single one of us goes through it.

It is how you react to those down times that define your experience.

A client shared with me that she was unhappy the other day – like world falling apart unhappy.  Everything in her life felt terrible. On top of that, she was beating herself up for being ungrateful about her absolutely amazing life.

She was able to catch herself in the moment and realize she just needed to allow the emotions.

What she DID NOT do (which she would have done in the past):

  • Go buy a bottle of wine (or two).
  • Drink fancy rum drinks.
  • Order and eat almost an entire pizza.
  • Get a box of cookies, and eat them all.

What she DID do:

  • She cried – like 8 times.
  • She ugly cried.
  • She felt the terrible and questioned everything.
  • She slammed a door (OK, she knew this one was childish, but she isn’t perfect.)
  • She ate what was on her protocol and only that.
  • She did a mean, horrible thought download… and then deleted it.
  • She did models to pinpoint the true focus of her pain.
  • And then… She took some time to herself, sitting outside and gazing at the stars, and realizing that she was right where she needed to be in life… no matter what the circumstances.

We live in an amazing world, and though we may not always understand our path, we can rest assured that we are right where we need to be.