Do You Want to Get Well?

Weight Loss

Are you sick?

…sick of overeating?

…sick of being stressed?

…sick of having to control everything and everyone?

…sick of beating yourself up?

…sick of trying to please everyone?

…sick of trying to be perfect all the time?

When what is best for you is no longer what is most important to you, you are living at odds with yourself.

Are you ready to heal?

We wait for others to tell us how to heal.

We search for the “right” solution for us to heal… always looking outside of ourselves for the solution.

The truth is, we already know how to heal.

But, sometimes it is much easier to stay sick than to do the work to get better.

The change feels too big, overwhelming.  But, it is the only way to reach the other side.

You have to start with the little things.  Because, they will add up eventually.

Look to today, this moment.  What can you do to get closer to your healing?

Look in the mirror.  When you recognize who is looking back, you will lose your fear of healing.

What do you see and why?