Don’t Push Send


Don’t push send… not just yet.

Even those of us with the best of intentions can make mistakes… and that is okay.

That “send’ button is just so close… one simple keystroke away.

Those words just flow from your mouth – like a dam that is about to break.

We are living in a time where things are uncertain. It puts many of us on high alert.

Our primitive brains like normal & crave routine… it makes us feel safe.

All of the change is causing us to spend a lot of time in “fight or flight” mode. 

We feel attacked.

We resist and push away.

We see danger where none exists. (We also see danger where it does exist – worldwide – through the media.)

Our systems are overloaded.

It feels like the pressure is building, and it is almost too much to take anymore.

We are reacting instead of acting with intention.

Stop. Take a moment.

Ask yourself a few questions first…

Why are you replying to this?

Are you acting out of love or anger?

Do you like your reasons for saying/typing this? If not, stop. Give yourself time. The right words will come.

Find your intention.

Speak from that purpose. 

All the rest will flow.