Dream Crushers

Confidence Weight Loss

We want more in life.  We have this desire, this need, to grow and do more.  Be more.

But, then something gets it our way.  That something is the very reason only 1% achieve that success so many of us crave.  Instead of dealing with that something, we choose safety and security.

We resist.  We react. We avoid.

They are called Dream Crushers. They are called uncomfortable emotions.










Why do they matter so much? How can this simple thing stop us from achieving our dreams?

We don’t like the way negative emotions feel.  We attempt to change them or avoid them. The three most common ways of dealing with these dream crushers are overeating, overdrinking, and overworking.  So, we stay stuck – getting no closer to our dreams.

But, that feeling or emotion is simply a vibration in your body that is caused by a thought.  Really. A feeling is simply a vibration, and nothing more.

Really think about that. Those dream crushers, those vibrations that you don’t want to feel, are what is standing between you and your dreams.

I’m ready to change how I think about these negative emotions.  Are you?

Stop avoiding, resisting, and reacting to negative emotions. 

How do I do this?

You allow the emotion.

It is a skill you have to learn and practice.

When you allow the feeling, you will notice how it feels in your body by observing it with compassion.

Ask yourself:

What am I feeling?

Where is it in my body?

How do I know I am feeling it rather than another emotion?

What is specific about this one?

Then, instead of trying to get rid of it, breathe it in.  Allow it. Move toward it.

When you master this, you will know that you can handle any emotion.  It is just a vibration in your body. And, you can turn those Dream Crushers into Dream Catchers.