Emotions: Revisited

We have discussed just exactly what emotions are in a previous blog.

Now, let’s look closer.

Every single thing we do in our lives is because of how we think it will make us feel…. or not feel.

Emotions are 50/50.  The goal is not to be happy all the time.  Sometimes, sadness is much more appropriate.

Sad makes happy exist.

Hate makes love exist.

When you resist an emotion, you make it worse.  Instead, allow it with compassion.

But, realize when you are in indulgent emotions: confusion, overwhelm, emotional exhaustion, worry, and boredom.  These emotions stop you from moving forward with action.

One of the best skills you can develop is feeling on purpose.

  1. What am I feeling right now? (Awareness)
  2. What does this feeling feel like specifically in my body? (Observer)
  3. What do I want to feel right now? (Being deliberate)
  4. How can I practice this feeling?
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