Finding Your Joy

Weight Loss

Although I am all about my routines and staying in my comfort zone, spontaneity, excitement, and a change of scenery is refreshing once in a while.

Cut, dye, or style your hair differently.

Volunteer your time.

Paint your nails a bold color.

Adopt a dog.

Get a tattoo.

Travel somewhere you’ve never been.

Read a book in a different genre. (I know… we are living the vida loca now!)

But, spontaneity should not be a part of making your food selections when trying to lose weight.  Your food should be planned… 24 hours in advance. Joy and excitement shouldn’t be coming from your food.

Plan your food… make it boring even.  Make your food be part of your routine.  Heck, add your eating time to your calendar.  

Look for pleasure in other areas of your life instead.  

Find your joy in your life – not in your food.