Food is Fuel

Weight Loss

To lose the weight for good, we have to change the way we feel about food.

We love food.

Food gives us pleasure.

We are foodies.

Food is a celebration.

Food is our friend.

The reason we can’t stick to our plan is because we are fighting against our own brains.

We have to change how we feel about food.  And, it won’t be easy. (Things that are really worth it never are.)

You will have to commit to allowing all of those urges that come up (without answering them!).

Food is simply fuel for our bodies.  There is nothing exciting about it. It just sits there.  It is our thoughts that make food so enticing. 

That is the good news.  Because, we can change our thoughts.

Make your life exciting – not your food.  Look into your life. Where can you find pleasure outside of food?

Replace these common phrases with things from your life:

Instead of….

I love food.

Food gives me pleasure.

I am a foodie.

Food is a celebration.

Food is my friend.

Choose to think instead….

I love  ________.

________ gives me pleasure.

I am a ________.

________ is a celebration.

________ is my friend.