Food vs Brain

Weight Loss

Round 1: Food VS Brain: Who will win?

Planning your food seems like such a simple thing.  You write down all the food you are planning to eat the next day.  Then, the next day, you just eat what is on your plan…. and WAALAAA!  Instant weight loss success… if only this darn brain of mine didn’t come up with some pretty convincing change of plans.

My brain is designed to look out for all the dangers in the world.  A change in routine would constitute danger to my brain. So, it goes to work to convince me that eating a salad for lunch is just plain dumb.  I would feel so much better with the usual – a nice burger and fries.  

Most of us agree with our brains without much more persuasion than that.  A burger and fries, please! I’ll start my diet again tomorrow.

But, then we start catching on to that trickery of our brain.  We deny our brain’s request for the burger and fries. So, our brains turn it up a notch – increasing desire until we give in. I’ll start my diet on Monday.

This same pattern happens over and over again.  Our brain keeps leveling up the intensity and urgency of the desire. We keep giving in… reinforcing our brain’s tactics.  It is like we have been held hostage by that salad, and only our brain can rescue us from the situation.

The truth is, we need to rescue ourselves from our brains. Changing habits is hard.  Your brain doesn’t like it. But, you have to sit with those urges and desires. You can’t give into them.  Eat your salad. Your brain will throw an all out temper tantrum that would rival a 3 year old princess wanting an ice cream cone.  But, when you don’t give in, the brain eventually learns that salad may just be alright… after about 50 urges, your brain will step up and agree with you that salads are amazing, your weight loss is amazing, and WAAAAAALAAA! Weight loss is in the bag.

Round 1 goes to the Salad!

Write down your unanswered urges.  Keep track of them for one week. How many did total did you have?