Future Self

Weight Loss

I know who I am now, but who do I see myself as in the future?

I see me.  I have very specific ideas about who my future self is and what she does.

I want to be her.  She seems really awesome.  But, there is a problem.

There is a disconnect.  That awesome future self is always in… the future.

I keep waiting for that day to come that I am her.  It never does. My future self is always sitting right before me, just out of my reach.

So, I’m going to utilize the WWMFSD? Strategy.  What Would My Future Self Do? When undecided, I will ask myself that question and choose that action.

For example, should I eat those donuts? WWMFSD? The answer is nope!

And bam! Just like that, she is one step closer to me. After about 1 million more choices like that, I might actually be her.

I wonder what her favorite book is. I wonder what her favorite activity is. I wonder where her favorite vacation spot is.

Who is your future self?