Get Your Zzzzzz’s

Weight Loss

Sleep is super important and should be scheduled on your calendar. Yes, a date with Mr. Sandman should be in your plan every night – and possibly a nap in there, too. Need more convincing? Here is the 411.

10. 7-8 hours every night is needed.

9. Your body repairs itself while you sleep.

8. Your mind recoups from all the work it did all day – and prepares for tomorrow’s tasks.

7. Your body gets rid of fat faster when it is well rested.

6. If you didn’t get your 7-8 hours, a nap may just do the trick to allow your body/mind it’s repair time.

5. Turn off the volume on your phone. Your brain still registers those sounds even when you sleep.

4. Turn off all of the lights. Your brain needs to know it is time to sleep.

3. A routine bedtime is not only beneficial for kids but adults too. Biorhythms, my friends.

2. 30 minutes before sleep time, put your phone away and do something to calm your brain. It will help you go to sleep faster. Just be still in your mind.

1. You lose weight when you sleep!