I watched a client go through heartbreak last week.  

It was hard to watch and see, but she did it so eloquently – without even realizing it.  

I just had to share it with you.

This client was anticipating getting a position that she has wanted for a year now.  

She and her coworkers all believed that she was the perfect candidate. 

Her interview went well, and she felt confident. 

Friday, she found out she didn’t get the position.

She was heartbroken.

She knew she would be.

She had to leave work a little early.

Because, she knew once the tears started, they wouldn’t stop.

And, they didn’t.

For hours, she cried… in her room, at home, alone.

She mourned the loss and disappointment she felt.

She didn’t hold any emotions back.

She felt them through and through.

It hurt.

It felt terrible.

Once she was done, she was done.

She was appreciative for what she did have.

She loved that her coworkers supported her.

She didn’t blame the coworker that got the position.  It wasn’t her fault.

She still believed she would have been the best candidate.

But, she has no regrets.  

My client put herself out there and took a chance.

It was scary.

She did all that she could do.

She was truly heartbroken, and she experienced those emotions. 

She did not try to shove those emotions down or blame others for her outcome.

She accepted the reality of what is, she felt the pain of it, and she moved forward.

It was truly eloquent. 

If only all of us could process our emotions so well…

Instead of blaming others.

Instead of eating to numb ourselves.

Instead of drinking to wash away the pain.

Instead of vegging out on Netflix.

Instead of beating ourselves up for not being good enough.

What if we just felt the pain for as long as it took?