Weight Loss

TRUE or FALSE: I love food, so it is hard for me to lose weight.

Well, if you believe that statement, then it is true.

If you don’t believe that statement, then it is false.

Yes, you get to choose whether or not to believe it… because, it is just a thought… a sentence in your brain. It is NOT a FACT.

I want to share with you a Love Story.  I have always loved pizza. I can’t resist pizza.  I always overeat pizza, because it is so good. It doesn’t even matter what kind of pizza… the dough, the sauce, the cheese… So. Good. Heck, just writing these words makes me want it.

I LOVED pizza… until I learned that all those sentences are just thoughts in my head and are optional.

(Remember, “I love pizza” is a thought – NOT a fact.)

I asked myself: Does the thought “I love pizza” serve me?

The answer is a resounding “No”.  That thought keeps me trapped in my overeating habit – making me feel powerless over pizza, out of control around it.

Although it would be fabulous if I was able,  I can’t magically spread fairy dust and change that thought.  

Changing a thought I have believed my entire life will take some work… baby steps…

Over time, I have been able to use a tool called “bridge thoughts”- I use transition thoughts to get me to my goal. The thoughts have to be believable.  (For example, going from “I love pizza” to “I hate pizza” won’t work. Because, my brain would reject the “I hate pizza” PDQ.) When you believe the next thought, choose another closer to your goal.

 Here is how it works.

Original thought: I LOVE cheese pizza, and so it is hard for me to lose weight.

I love cheese pizza, but I can still lose weight.

I like pizza, but I like losing weight even more.

I choose not to order pizza.

When I am around pizza, I will only eat 2 slices.

Goal thought: I can be around pizza and not want any.

Insert your food for “cheese pizza”, and try the bridge thoughts