Are you going through life letting it happen to you?

Or, are you choosing your path step by step?

It seems like such a small thing… to decide (on purpose) what you are going to do today.

But, when you don’t set your intentions, you get no say in what your day is like.

I’m not talking about setting goals (which you should also do… but, that is another process in itself).

What do you want to happen in your life today?

What is your intention for this day?

Maybe you want to…

Say hello to 4 people today.

Paint your nails.

Play Among Us with your friends.

Draw in your sketchbook.

Take a walk.

Say 5 nice things to yourself in the mirror.

Whatever it is, write it down, and commit to doing that thing.

Keep it simple.

Here is the thing. It may sound like I’m talking about making a To Do List.

Let me tell you the difference. A To Do List often consists of all the things we “have to” do.

Writing down your intentions is a habit of deciding what you “want to” do.

When you start writing down your intentions, you start living intentionally… and stop letting life just happen to you.

Have a great week!