It’s data… Not drama

Today we are talking about the scale. I am here to tell you that it is your friend, not your enemy! Just wait… hear me out!

The scale is a measuring tool.  It collects data. That’s it. There are no emotions or judgments involved in weighing yourself.

If you are being emotional about the scale, stop it! 

You should weigh in every Friday (or whatever day you choose) and, you should record your data. Write it down. 

All that number means for you is whether or not you lost weight.  To figure out why, you will have to track your food. That is where the evidence is lying.

Remember that the scale weights your muscles… your bones… your fat… your blood… your organs… your water… and any food left over from the last 24 hours in your body. It’s NOT a measurement of how fat you are. That’s emotion talking.

It is simply a number to compare to last week’s number Use it that way. Do the math, and decide you need to change what you are eating or not.

So, step on up with confidence! 

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