My Busiest Week of the Year

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This week, I am managing my time.  I am focusing on what need to get done – one step at a time.

I could give into overwhelm.  It is my busiest week of the school year.  I have 3 finals for school and 2 Field Days for my students.  Months of learning and planning will culminate in a few, short hours.

It’s a lot… on top of my already full days.  In the past, I was like a ticking time bomb. People avoided me until after it was all over.

But, this year, I’ve managed my mind… and my time:

  • I ask others to help me when I need it… instead of trying to do it all myself.
  • In my 30 minute lunch, I am eating and studying… instead of Facebooking.
  • Sitting in the pick up line at my son’s school, I am listening to my audiobooks & classes… instead of playing Candy Crush.
  • While donating plasma, I am reading my textbook… instead of watching a movie.
  • I am creating Heat Sheets while my students are practicing for Field Day events… the list could go on & on.

I am managing my time – even those few minutes here and there.

Don’t get me wrong… I still have downtime.  Because, it is on my calendar – scheduled… because, it is important.  Everything that is important is on there.

I am getting more done in the same 24 hours I’ve always had, and I’m not stressing over it.

On Friday, I will take a moment (or two) to appreciate how it all came together… and that I didn’t give in to overwhelm, spiraling out of control.

It is going to feel amazing.


Do you feel overwhelmed by your To Do list?

Do you keep a calendar, or are you keeping it all in your head?

Spend 48 hours writing out every detail of what you do on a daily basis – including eating and sleeping.  You might be surprised to find out where all of you time goes. (I know I was!)