Self Confidence

Confidence Weight Loss

What is the one thing most of us are lacking? Self confidence.

What is self confidence?

Self confidence is:

  1. the ability to trust yourself
  2. the ability to experience any emotion
  3. your overall opinion of yourself

Trust yourself:

Know you will do what you say you will do, and follow through on your plan.

Self doubt is the opposite of self confidence.  If you can’t count on yourself, you feel insecure, out of control.

You have to consistently follow through on your word to yourself.

You earn self confidence from yourself by keeping your word to yourself.

Knowing you can experience any emotion:

The worst that can ever happen is an emotion.  Ever. Know you can experience any emotion all the way through, and process it.  

Knowing that you can handle the worst thing that can happen fills you will self confidence. It takes the risk out of everything and gives us a “bring it on” attitude.

Your opinion of yourself:

Your thoughts create your feelings.  What you think of yourself generates or depletes self confidence. 

Why am I not self confident?

Most of us don’t manage our minds.  We feel out of control with our feelings and actions.  We are inconsistent and let ourselves down repeatedly. We seek perfection and avoid negative emotions.  This leaves us questioning our own abilities and having a very low opinion of ourselves. The result is self doubt and anxiety.

How can I become self confident?

Self confidence is a practiced self belief.

Change your thoughts about yourself, and practice those thoughts.

Don’t be afraid of failure or disappointment. 

Know your brain does not produce self confidence naturally.  It looks for what is wrong, producing fear, worry, and doubt.  Be willing to feel discomfort consistently.

Don’t rely on your ability – rely on your belief that you can handle anything.

Do the stuff you are scared to do.  Repeat.