The Darkness Inside

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Dexter called it his “Dark Passenger”.

I call mine the Darkness.  

We all have it.  It is that place deep, down inside our minds that will take control if we let it.

It protects us in times of extreme danger.  It allows us to do what we need to do to survive.

But, sometimes, we don’t put it away.  We didn’t mean to let it back out. We didn’t even see it coming.  The Darkness can consume you. It turns on you. Instead of protecting you, it destroys you.

Many of us have unleashed our Darkness. 

It may take you fast… when you just can’t find the reason to get out of bed again.

But, it takes many of us slowly.  One drink becomes two… three… four… the entire bottle. One piece of pizza becomes five… six… the entire pie. One cookie becomes three… five… the entire batch.

One day, we wake up and wonder what happened.  How did we get here? And, how do we get back? The Darkness has creeped into every shadow, every corner of your life.

But, there is good news.  You can control the Darkness.  It may take some time. It has been years since you were the one in charge.

But, never lose hope.  The Darkness can be extinguished by building your inner light.  Strengthen your belief in yourself and find the way back.

It won’t happen overnight.  There is no quick fix. Your darkness is powerful; you designed it that way. Now, it is time to craft your Light.

Can you see your Darkness?

Can you see your Light?

Write about your Darkness and Light.  Describe how they feel inside of you. Where do you feel them?