The Miracle

Confidence Weight Loss

Suppose tonight, after you have gone to sleep, a miracle occurs without you knowing. Your problem is gone.  When you awake tomorrow, what are some things that you notice happening in the day that might make you realize your problem is gone?

What things are absent?

What things are present?

Write them down.

Now, make a list of all the obstacles that stand between you and that future.

For each obstacle, write a strategy for how to overcome that particular thing.

Now, you have a game plan.  

Keep your list of obstacles and strategies with you where you can see it.

Refer to it often.

Make it happen.

The Miracle Question allows you to imagine an ideal future free of your current problem and connect it to your present life. It offers you a view of what you want to achieve in the future instead of ruminating in the problems associated with what has gone wrong. The complexity of thought that comes from the Miracle Question will guide you toward your goal and help you realize what you want to achieve in life.  You can look past the obstacles and look to the possibilities.  

This is not an easy process.  But, nothing worthwhile ever is.