The Road You Take

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Which path do you want to take in your life? 

You have 3 choices:

  1. The exciting, fast, and easy one?
  2. The simple, calming, easy one?
  3. The hard, frustrating one?

Path #1 – The exciting, fast, and easy path

This path is a waterslide.  It gets you to the destination quickly.  You get a temporary high in your brain during the ride.  Sometimes, the turns are too fast. Or the path is too bumpy.  It isn’t always a thrill. Sometimes, it is scary. This path leads you to the bottom… and fast.

Path #2 – The simple, calming, easy path

This path is an escalator.  It is a slow ride. Nothing much changes.  The lights and music are not too bright or too loud.  It is comfortable here. You can rarely see the end, but you catch a glimpse once in a while and wonder if this is really the path you should be on. In the end, you will find yourself at the bottom.  That is not what you intended, and you aren’t even quite sure how you got there.

Path #3 – The hard, frustrating path

This path is an upward climb of the stairs in the forest.  The steps aren’t always stable or level. This path takes a lot of work, and it is a difficult climb.  Sometimes, you fall. Many times, you wish you could just go back to the easier path. This path is frustrating and even scary; you are dealing with the elements and listening to the unfamiliar noises surrounding you. This path leads you to the top.

There are exit ramps from all 3 of these paths.  

You can jump on whichever one you choose whenever you choose.

There are 3 destinations: the top, the bottom, and somewhere in between.

The question is, where do you want to end up?