The Weight Loss Stalker

Weight Loss

He waits patiently. His window of opportunity is right around the corner. 

He is smart. He knows just the right time to strike. He is the Weight Loss Stalker (AKA your primitive brain), and he is out to destroy your weight loss efforts

He knows just when you are most vulnerable.  It’s that time of day when he starts his chatter. He is sneaky, manipulative, and very convincing. He will do whatever it takes to get his dopamine hit, and you will be the one to give it to him. 

He keeps coming back every, single day – no matter what you try to do to get rid of him. He can’t get enough. He always wants more, more, more. There is no use in trying to avoid or resist. He will get you eventually. You will give him what he wants.  Unless… 

Yes! There is a way to stop him [suspenseful music playing]: your prefrontal cortex (PC brain) is the answer. Only your PC brain can choose your actions. The Weight Loss Stalker can’t. He can only try to control you with his clever manipulations. Your PC brain is the only one that can move your hand to pick up that food… and it is inclined to disagree with the Stalker.  You see, your PC brain wants you to achieve your goals, too. But, you have to listen to your PC brain over the Stalker’s rantings.

The primitive brain can cry and scream and throw a temper tantrum all it wants. But, the logical PC brain chooses our action. Sorry, ol’ cranky primitive brain. Not today. Today, we choose to stay on protocol and eat what we planned in advance. 

When does the Weight Loss Stalker come looking for you?

Be ready for the Weight Loss Stalker.  Know when he is coming, and have a plan.  

He has always been so good at convincing you in the past to just eat that thing.

He used to sneak up on you, catch you off guard.  

But, awareness is the first step in the battle to squelch overeating.

My Weight Loss Stalker always arrives when I get home from work.  Actually, he starts with his whispers on my way home in the car.  

By the time I’ve arrived, he is in full temper tantrum.  You gotta have a plan.  

I enjoy telling my WL Stalker, “I hear you.  You are soooo right. But, we are not choosing that today.”  

He has been acknowledged, and now I just allow him to throw his fit.

Interestingly, the less I give in to his demands, the shorter his tantrums are. 

I just have to allow him to do his thing, but I don’t have to give in to his demands.