The Woman in the Mirror

Confidence Weight Loss

It is time to LOVE yourself… Unconditionally… Just as you are right now.

We are told focusing on ourselves is wrong.  It is selfish. It is egocentric. We are supposed to be here to serve others. But, accepting yourself AS YOU ARE RIGHT NOW is not a sin. Accepting and loving yourself will only make you better. It is called self-respect.

Think about it.

How can we authentically serve others if we can’t even serve ourselves?

You have to give yourself to serve others.  How are you showing up?

Why are you hiding from yourself? What is it you are trying to bury?

Now, I want you to imagine what you could give to others if you truly loved yourself.

It is the key to unlocking what you desire. When you unconditionally love yourself, everything else will fall into place. Take a look in the mirror.

Take a step back.  You don’t see the beauty in you that others do.  They love you so much. They LOVE that person in the mirror.

Why have you stopped looking in the mirror?  Stop hiding. The rest of your people already see you as you are. They love you exactly how you are – flaws and all.  It is time to find out what they love so much.

Take a long, hard look in the mirror; learn to LOVE unconditionally. Tell yourself every day how amazing you are.  Yes, it will feel strange. But, keep doing it until you start to believe yourself.

Seriously, what if every time you walked past a mirror, you truly loved who you saw?  How amazing would that feel? 

Imagine, then, what you would then be able to give to others?

It will be amazing.