Hi, I’m Angela.  I am a Certified Life and Weight Coach, and I want to share with you how I learned to stop overeating.  

Now, what I learned not only changed the way I eat, it  changed my entire life.  

I want to help you get that same success.  

Now, I know you are a successful person overall most areas in your life, because you are here. You’re looking for a solution to your problem.

You just want to stop overeating and lose that weight for good.  

What if there is a way for you to get and maintain your ideal body? 

There is.

I’m going to tell how.

I was at a point in my life that I realized I could no longer keep gaining  and losing the same pounds over and over again.   

I would go up 20 pounds, and I would come down 20 pounds…

I would go up 40 pounds, and then I would come down 40 pounds. 

But, the number on the scale kept rising instead of shrinking.

I did this most of my adult life, and I was tired of it. 

I felt broken.

I felt like I was eating against my own will.

I felt like I was numbing out my days when I had hard things happen during my day.

I couldn’t meet up to my own perfectionist standards. 

My people pleasing and inability to tell people “no”  left me emotionally exhausted.

I felt out of control, and I was using food to comfort myself.

Then, I learned about overdesire.  

Turns out, I wasn’t broken at all.

The truth behind my overeating was overdesire.

The primitive part in the back of my brain was just doing its job and trying to help me survive.  

Working off the motivational triad (which is searching for pleasure, avoiding pain, and expending the lowest amount of energy possible),  that primitive part of my brain was seeking those foods that give me a big dopamine hit in my brain. What that big dopamine hit would do is tell my brain that, “This food is super important, and we need lots of it.” Guess which foods give those big dopamine hits.

Yep, our processed foods.  They’re the food with lots of sugar or lots of flour… the factory foods as I call them.

That artificially inflated dopamine hits I was receiving in my brain was causing a huge, artificial amount of desire in my brain- overdesire.

I learned to control that overdesire by using my prefrontal cortex to make decisions about my food instead of allowing my primitive brain to be in charge and run the show.

So, in summary, you are not broken.  Yay! That’s the good news. You can and will lose this weight for the last time and keep it off.

So why hire me as your coach?

Changing the habits that you have created for yourself isn’t easy.  

Your brain will be resistant to change, It doesn’t like change.

So, when you are trying new things, it will go back to what it knows and be  super judgmental and say really mean things to yourself. You will beat yourself up, and you will get so down, you will be ready to give up. 

And then, it will be time for your next coaching session.

I will be there to believe in you 100% until you can believe in yourself.

We will work together through those tough moments.

You will not quit.  You will succeed at losing this weight.  Finally.

Do you want to know more about how to stop overeating?  Just click the button below. You can schedule a FREE 45 minute mini session with me.  We will work together on a plan to get you started on this weight loss journey for the LAST time.

I’ll see you soon. Bye.