Turn it Around [Holiday Game]

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Here is a fun, little holiday game to play!

So many of us struggle with relationships over the holidays.  Uncle Tom farts too much. Grandma Claire blows her nose at the dinner table.  Cousin John gets wasted and won’t stop arguing with the dog, and Susie can’t stop bragging about how magnificently perfect her two little brats are.  Ah, family… gotta love ‘em!

But, sometimes all of this nonsense can be a drag, and we find ourselves spiralling with negative thoughts about everyone and everything.  We turn into the Grinch often before we even step foot into their immaculate, perfectly decorated, festive home.

But, I digress… in these moments of holiday turmoil, play Turn it Around.

Take whatever nasty, unproductive thought you are having and turn it back on yourself.

I hate Uncle Fred’s temper…. I hate my temper.

Cousin Greg can’t get over the past…. I can’t get over the past.

Lindsey is so judgemental…. I am so judgemental.

Hhhmmmm…. I see where this is going.

Try it.  It can shed some light on some of your darkest thoughts.

Or… it can be really funny… I can’t stop bragging about how magnificently perfect my two little brats are.  L.O.L.

Have a magnificent holiday season!

After the holidays, try playing Turn it Around with some more thoughts.  It is an excellent tool to see yourself through others.