What is Right in Front of You?


What do you want?

Make a list of 25 things.

Go ahead… do it now… I will wait…




I bet every item on that list is something you DON’T already have.

I want you to redo the list…

I want you to come from a place of abundance this time.

You will make a list of 25 things, but this time, every other one is something you ALREADY have that you really want.

Most of us don’t spend time wanting what we already have.

Isn’t this just gratefulness for what we already have?


It is a different energy… a feeling of abundance that we have already created in our lives.

So, go ahead.  Make your list of 25 things.

It is the first step in getting your mind ready to look at your goals from a positive place of abundance.

Happy Holidays, friend!