Why Did I Do That???

Confidence Weight Loss

Of all the things I’ve learned from my coach, I think the Thought Downloads are right up there at the top in my list of favorites.

It really is a simple process.  It doesn’t take more than 5 minutes each day (unless I’ve had a whopper of a day and have tons to write).  But, it gets all of those thoughts that loop in my head over and over out!

Thought Downloads are simply writing down your thoughts about your day (or whatever you want to write about).  I usually write about how I want to handle things in the future as well.

Here is an example.  I was frustrated with a few people at work already.  One of them said something flat out rude to me. Normally, I would find that interesting and wonder what was going on in their world to make them behave that way.  But, instead… I reacted… all of my filters came crashing down, and I spewed “word vomit” right back at them. I made that person cry.

Whoa!  These days, I don’t do that.  That was my old way to settle conflict – be meaner than the other person.  Where did that vicious reaction come from?

When I got home, I did a Thought Download about it.  It helped me release all the guilt I felt for being so mean.  More so, it helped me realize WHY I did it in the first place.  Knowing the reason behind it allowed me to fix the error in my thinking, assuring it won’t happen again.

Thought Downloads: I highly recommend them.

Thought Downloads: I want you to give them a try. Commit to doing Thought Downloads for the next 7 days.  They will help you discover insights into your thought processes.