Working with a Life Coach: Part One

Weight Loss

Several of you have asked me what it is like to work with a Life Coach.  So, I decided to share my notes with you from 3 sessions with my Life Coach.  (These are just my notes – my “nuggets of wisdom” I wanted to take away from each session and my A-ha moments.)

Understand, I am a Life Coach myself and am really good at self-coaching and working through my thoughts.  

BUT, it is amazing how someone who is not inside your own head can help you shed light on what your brain is really telling you. 

It is truly a transformational experience for me.  So good. I hope this helps you, too.

Session #1:

Urges: Don’t






It requires a lot of effort to change.

I am still trying to be perfect… not obtainable

Need to be ok with discomfort

Neural Pathway in my brain – need to form a new one to create a new habit

Easier to do what you know

I have a lot of self judgment

Need to…

It’s ok to be me.

Practice self love

Being ok with who i am

Personify my discomfort:

My friend discomfort… here he is again.

Call my emotions my friends.

Unintentional Model:

C my food

T a cupcake would nice

F desire

A go to store, buy cupcakes, eat 3 when I get home

R give in to the desire

Intentional Model:

C my food

T I can feel any emotion & still stay on my plan.

F self-confident

A allow discomfort,  be better at allowing urges, 

R A commitment to myself


Find solutions for obstacles:

Lack of structure in summer

Pool time leads to sugar time

Perfectionism – self judgment (who am I?)