Working with a Life Coach: Part Three

Weight Loss

Several of you have asked me what it is like to work with a Life Coach.  So, I decided to share my notes with you from 3 sessions with my Life Coach.  (These are just my notes – my “nuggets of wisdom” I wanted to take away from each session and my A-ha moments.)

Understand, I am a Life Coach myself and am really good at self-coaching and working through my thoughts.  

BUT, it is amazing how someone who is not inside your own head can help you shed light on what your brain is really telling you. 

It is truly a transformational experience for me.  So good. I hope this helps you, too.

Session #3

Curiosity instead of judgement

Decondition my brain

We crave structure – have to recreate the structure

BEFORE you are about to eat something you tend to overeat:

Write down a TDL how you are going to feel before, during, and after the food…

Make a plan for obstacles and strategies to keep from overeating

Separate the thoughts from the facts (most are just thoughts)

If I think I’m not good enough… not successful enough… stuck in a loop

This is all my Ts. 


Find the bridge thought… 

I’m scared and that’s ok

Having my own back and believing in myself

Beating myself up does not serve me

C: My protocol

T: I can be my own science experiment.

F: Curious

A: Stop the behavior (overeating), get out of my comfy chair, TDL 

R: Learning from the process and refining the way I handle my emotions.

Eating plan for Tuesday:

My future self does not buffer with food.

Make decisions ahead of time

Say something and stick to my plan

Start writing down urges.