Working with a Life Coach: Part Two

Weight Loss

Several of you have asked me what it is like to work with a Life Coach.  So, I decided to share my notes with you from 3 sessions with my Life Coach.  (These are just my notes – my “nuggets of wisdom” I wanted to take away from each session and my A-ha moments.)

Understand, I am a Life Coach myself and am really good at self-coaching and working through my thoughts.  

BUT, it is amazing how someone who is not inside your own head can help you shed light on what your brain is really telling you. 

It is truly a transformational experience for me.  So good. I hope this helps you, too.

Session #2

We create our desire.

Motivational triad will create desire.

C Habit




R Loop the circle: Artificially heightened dopamine hit

Feels like I’m eating against my own will.  Brain wants to be efficient. Goes to the primitive brain to see we’ve always done it.

Store it as a habit (neural pathways) + the chemistry in the brain (dopamine hit)

Use food to numb… buffer… to cope with emotion

If our lives are unsustainable without buffering, it is a sign that we need to work on our lives.

People use willpower. It makes things worse.  Resistance creates deprivation.

Resistance makes it louder.

Nothing is wrong with me.  My brain is just doing its job. 

The more I continue to buffer…

High dopamine creates down regulation.  Takes more substance to get the same effect.

Hormones drop even lower which makes us feel like we need the high dopamine (sugar and flour and processed foods) to feel normal.

Unintentionally, I programmed my brain to overdesire food. Can intentionally create new habit by practicing new behavior (Pavlov’s dogs and drooling… they didn’t take away the bell… it kept ringing)

Decrease the desire:

  1. 24 hour planning
  2. Learn to allow urges
  3. Coaching or self coaching for all the crappy thoughts

Biochemically deregulate the brain from overdesire by taking out sugar and flour/ concentrated foods


Keys to success:

  1. Commitment (feeling) – level will determine success
  2. Massive action

Ask yourself: What do you make it mean when you….?

REPROGRAM MY brain with a new habit

Motivational triad:





Key #1

  1. Rely on commitment: stick to plan, 24 hours in advance, be authentic
  2. Allow discomfort
  3. Take action anyway

Self worth and capabilities are the work here.


Key #2

Switch from Self judgment to Curious

(break the: Start. Quit. Judge cycle)

Be flexible.

Be curious. Decide how I want to think about eating.

Growth mindset.

Write it down and move on Worksheet.

Helpful vs unhelpful thoughts