You Can Do All of the Things

Confidence Weight Loss

You can do all of the things.

No really.  You are capable. 

You can get any result you want.

There is only one thing standing in your way.

Your brain.

You are working against the evolution of your primitive brain.

It works very hard to keep you safe.

  • Seek pleasure.
  • Avoid pain.
  • Conserve energy.

Your primitive brain says any change is dangerous and should be avoided.

It keeps you at status quo.

Then, there is your prefrontal cortex… the part of your brain that allows your goals to be conceived in the first place.

But, even it is working against you.

  • It is operating on solid neural pathways created by your habits.
  • Every time you try to change, it takes maximum effort and brain power.
  • It is like trying to drive in sand.  Those deep ruts keep pulling you back even though you are trying to drive a different direction.
  • Pavlov’s dogs created new neural pathways.  You can, too.
  • Change is hard.

It is time to create the change you want.

Reprogram your brain.

Decondition yourself.